Internet Security – Secure Your Ebanking Transactions The Best Possible

Internet banking has been revolutionizing the banking industry. Many banking institutions are moving to electronic banking and reaping the benefits. Banks have taken proper security measures to ensure safe internet banking. It is the customer’s responsibility to take security measures to protect their e-transactions. You should be aware of certain internet security points to prevent your e-banking transactions from becoming a victim to cyber crime. Visit this link

According to a survey, over 60% of online banking customers have been victims of unauthorized access to their accounts or similar crimes within the past two years. To protect your online financial activities, it is essential that you follow simple internet security tips. This article will provide some pointers to help you remember when using these e services.

First, make sure to keep your pin number and password secret. These two details should not be divulged to any unknown or known individual. The policy should be to change your password every few days and to try to keep it the same.

You must also ensure that your system is safe from internet-based threats. It is important to follow internet security measures, such as installing current anti-virus software. Spyware transmits your private data to the internet, which hackers can then use to their evil ends.

It is important to have updated operating systems and highly-protective firewalls installed as part of your internet security plan. These firewalls protect your system against unwanted elements and act as a barrier between you and the internet.

* Keep a close eye on your bank’s transaction statements and your bank passbook to detect any unauthorised transactions.

* When you access your online account from a public, office or internet cafe computer, it is important to be alert and vigilant.

* You should log off your account after you have finished a session. The crackers could gain all details about your account, including the password, and possibly even execute unauthorized transactions.

These are important internet security tips to follow while browsing your internet banking account, in order not to be influenced by evil e-elements.

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